Wednesday, February 29, 2012

M.B.H. (Must Blog Harder)

So, off I went to a free Journalism course/lecture series this evening. The advice from the learned keepers of free speech and miners of cool: learn to spell, learn to embed stuff correctly, speak many languages, be brazen, be true to yourself and most of all: Blog Harder.

So this is my promise interweb. I'm going to go after you once more-like a man that has seen his erstwhile shy girlfriend in a new light after an interesting weekend in Berlin. I am going to redouble my commitments-like a monk who has seen god's work in the smooth coldness of a church pew. And I am going to promise myself to push to blog the same way I have promised myself to get back to a certain wave when the tide is just a little lower.

That's the news. Peace.

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